I'm Jessi. What am I? Well, I'm a twenty-something (by the time you're reading this, more than likely a THIRTY-something...ehhh) woman. I live with Jeff, my boyfriend of many years, and Macgruber (known as "Grooby"), my adorable white fluffball of a dog. If you're asking what I do, my profession is technically "banker", but boy does that sound boring, right? If you want to know WHO I AM, you could say that I'm a baker, a home-owner, a dog mama, a girlfriend, a writer, a shopping addict, a music snob, or (probably most accurately) a real smart alec. But enough about me; you probably want to know...

What the heck is this blog about?

Good question! I started this blog as an outlet to write, because sometimes I JUST GOTTA WRITE! I went to school for English, and originally wanted to be a magazine columnist, but that didn't work out, and I rarely have reason to really write these days. I started this as kind of a humor blog, and usually wrote when I needed to rant (which was often), but somewhere along the way I got INCREDIBLY boring and less angry, and bought a house and started writing about home improvement projects and basic bitch nonsense. If I'm being honest, this blog was definitely at its best when I was angry and would shout paragraphs of obscenities and sarcasm (check out some of the older posts, you'll see what I mean), but I'm working on becoming a more interesting sane person. Nowadays, I mostly write about projects that I intend to do with my house but rarely actually get to, as well as personal style and day to day life. I was briefly a professional baker and intend to be again at some point in the future, so every once in a while I'll throw in a baking or cooking post. It's really a grab bag, guys. I'm working on streamlining things to get more of a consistent following, but for now every day is a surprise. We'll just call this a "lifestyle blog" for now. Enjoy the ride!

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