Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Blog; Jessi's Thoughts on Fitness

Alright, first blog post! I've started numerous blogs in the past, none of which anybody has ever read, all of which I lost interest in/forgot about pretty much immediately. I assume this will be no different. Stay tuned to find out!

My first little blogling will be about fitness. I'd like to preface this by saying I'm all about being fit. And in my opinion, it's more about being healthy than about being thin or skinny; you can be skinny as the day is long and still be gross and floppy and unfit. So. Healthy=good; unhealthy=less good.

However. More and more recently, I've found myself being surrounded by people who are LUNATICS about "being fit". Everyone these days seems to be either all about crazy supplements and protein powders and cleansing goos and all sorts of weird, gross concoctions. We'll call this group of people the "meatheads".

And then there are the fad diet people. These are people who either limit what they eat to a crazy degree ("I'm only eating kale and fish food this week!"), or take diet pills or drops or...uh, salves (?), or simply don't eat in general. We'll call this group of people the "idiots".

Basically you guys, what I have to say is simple. I'm not trying to criticize any particular group of people. (well okay; yeah I am. Y'all are dumb.) Staying relatively healthy and in shape is not complicated. The secret is...(drumroll please)...DO MORE! Just do more shit. If you're doing stuff, you're not stuffing your face with all sorts of junk because you're busy. I know that when I get fat, it's because I'm sitting on my ass, and when I sit on my ass, I eat food. So get up. Go outside. Run. Or don't run. Go shopping. Start a fight club. Make out with your partner of choice. Learn how to tapdance. Make a house out of cards, because that shit is frustrating, and you'll be far too distracted to eat cookies. You know. Et cetera. Do some stuff. That's it.

Stay blogtastic!


  1. Ahhhh Hahahahaha... Your blog is funny. Keep em coming.

  2. I also created a blog. Mine is far less funny... and actually pretty boring now that I've read yours. Creating a blog was on my bucket list of things to try. I tried it.. no one reads... but for some reason I am compelled to keep posting as if people are really enjoying it. Haha. oh well.

  3. I read your blog; actually, it's what inspired me to start THIS blog. I think it's great, you're such a fashionista! I don't think anyone else reads mine either (except for my mom haha), but that's cool. It's fun to write sometimes.