Saturday, June 9, 2012

Social Networking is Getting Out of Control.

For real, yo.

I was kind of slow getting into the whole Social Networking game. I didn't get Myspace until that mess was almost over, and then I didn't get Facebook until, like, 2007. I never had Friendster. I just started really getting into Twitter this year, and now I'm also consumed by Instagram and Pinterest, not to even mention music networking clients I mess with.

What the shit is going on?

When I have something I want to say, or to share with "the masses", I seriously have to pause to consider what forum I want to employ. What? That is bonkers. This should not be a problem people have. I remember back in the day (you can't see me, but I'm waving my cane at you) when, if you wanted to say something, you said it. Vocally. And whoever was in earshot heard you. And perhaps, if you were to just blurt out statements or observations, as is routine in present day, they would think you were out of your damn mind. And you probably were, because only journalists and stand-up comedians did such things.

I honestly can't accurately remember life before this onslaught of technology. I am WAY too awkward to just get to know people organically. I'll be the first to admit that I Facebook stalk the holy Hell out of pretty much everyone I meet. Is that creepy? I'd say yes, but I'm fairly confident that most people do the same, even if they're not as open about it.

Or maybe I'm creepy.

But anyway, I'm really not sure if my awkwardness is just because I was an only child, psychology bok bok bok, or if it's a product of too much access to everything online. Maybe I've actually LOST whatever social graces I was brought up to have, because they're now basically obsolete. 

All I know is that you guys get to see 15 million pictures of my dog in multiple forums, and I feel that I have enriched your lives by providing the opportunity for you to view Mr. Macgruber Strongbad Raum, like, looking at me, not once, not twice, but SEVERAL different times, in succession. You're welcome.

Don't thank me, thank The Internets.

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