Monday, February 24, 2014

Easy breezy

I love weekends, man. This one in particular was super nice. The weather was great (it got into the 60's! After this brutal winter, it felt like the tropics), and I spent the weekend just kicking back and enjoying the downtime and the sun that we actually got. On Sunday, our good friends the Drakes joined us for brunch with their beautiful little happy baby boy, and it was really nice to just drink mimosas and catch up with friends. Today I'm lounging in my kitchen, basking in the sun and making turkey chili. I'm ready for spring, and I can't wait to spruce this place up with some fresh flowers and plants and some bright accents. I also really want to invest in a really nice porch swing (actually, want I want is called a "porch bed" - it's a really deep porch swing covered in a plush cushion) this year and make the most of our awesome porch. Warm weather needs to hurry up and get here! Here are some photos from this weekend...

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