Monday, October 27, 2014

I Might Have a Problem...

So, I opened my cupboard today to grab my morning oatmeal, and this was what I had to move to get to it...

Um...this is actually kind of insane. There are TWO PEOPLE living in this house. To my credit, two of those peanut butter jars are just about empty, and I only have two containers of marshmallow fluff because I forgot I had the first one. Looks like I need to get going on some baking projects.

PS - The natural Skippy with honey is by far king of my PB castle. Natural Jif is definitely second, and Natural Peter Pan with honey can straight up suck it. It blows. You've been warned.

Oh, and also - Biscoff is better than TJ's cookie butter. Yeah, I said it. Let the hate mail pour in. Cookie butter is way dryer. I do like the crunchy option, though. Get on it, Biscoff.

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