Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Big 3-0

I turn 30 one month from tomorrow.

We won't get into how I feel about turning 30. Actually, I don't really think it's that big of a deal. Part of me is freaking out a TINY bit, but most of me feels like I'm 45 anyway, so no big.

Anyway, in true Jessi fashion, I've put off figuring out how I'm going to celebrate my 30th birthday to the last minute. I'm TERRIBLE at planning things. I usually intend to do something for my birthday, and then put it off until the last second and end up meeting 3 of my friends out at a bar. I decided last year (or actually, probably earlier than that) that I was going to actually DO something for my 30th birthday. At first, I intended to have a big blowout with everyone I knew, but as the date got closer I realized that 1.) I don't have as huge of a "group" as I used to; and 2.) throwing MYSELF a party sounds stressful and not that enjoyable. Then I considered just having a small group of people over to my house, but that sounded pretty much exactly like throwing "a huge blowout", because I probably wouldn't invite that many people to "a huge blowout" anyway. So then I settled on the idea of a mini-getaway. I briefly considered trying to get a small group of my closest friends to go somewhere with me and Jeff (like possibly renting a house in the Poconos or something similar), but then realized that my friends have such varying schedules and responsibilities that it would be next to impossible to plan. SO! I decided that Jeff and I would do a mini getaway, and I'd have some kind of low-key celebration with friends separately on one of the surrounding weekends.

I actually managed to get the "low-key celebration with friends" part taken care of. I decided I'd like to have dinner with a few of my closest girl friends at Terrain, which is my favorite restaurant and traditionally where Jeff and I celebrate my birthday. The restaurant is actually a greenhouse and during the Christmas season it's decorated with thousands of twinkly lights and poinsettias, and they actually sell Christmas trees, so there are trees everywhere and the whole place smells like Christmas. So that was a pretty easy decision.

The part I'm having trouble with is the "mini-getaway" part. I can't figure out where I want to go/what I want to do. I have my whole birthday weekend off, so I originally intended on going somewhere for two nights, but now part of me would prefer to save the extra money towards a bigger vacation later in the winter and just do one night somewhere or possibly a day trip. And regardless, I can't figure out where I want to go! I was thinking about New York City, because I've never been there during the Christmas season, or possibly a more relaxing getaway in the Poconos or the Catskills (this awesome looking airbnb room is my top contender), or the lazy part of me is considering doing a night in Philly.

Whatever I do, I need to decide quick. Any ideas?

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