Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's beginning to look a lot like least around here! We got our tree this past Sunday, and decorated it on Tuesday. I always had a real tree growing up, but I had forgotten just how big of a difference it makes. The smell of fresh pine really makes it feel officially like the holidays have arrived. I've been decorating the rest of the house a little here and a little there, and this weekend when I have some more time I'm going to finish switching out all of the autumn gear. I'm officially in the Christmas spirit and I'm super pumped to spend the rest of the month watching holiday specials/Christmas movies. I've gotten super excited about every single special that I've seen a commercial for, to the point where I actually said that I want to watch the holiday version of the sing-off (?!) So that's where I'm at. Enjoy your weekend! We're driving  couple hours north to the Harrisburg area to meet my parents for dinner to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. I'll be back next week with the rest of my gift-guide series!

Here are some links if you're looking for something to check out this weekend...

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