Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pictures from the Weekend

Enjoying some tasty mulled wine and a bottle of red at a local winery's winterfest.

How cool and intricate is this ice sculpture?

My friend Amber desperately wanted to ask this guy if she could take a turn with the chainsaw. I talked her out of it, because I'm a BUZZkill (pun intended).

Despite being chilly, it was the perfect day to hang outdoors, and it was nice to get some fresh air in the middle of January.

So many food trucks! We shared french fries and fried cheese curds, being the pillars of health and nutrition that we are.

 Wine tasting amongst all the cool wine-making equipment (wine-making is a technical term).

I bought this Chile Honey from a vendor at the fest, and it's crazy delicious. I plan to use it on everything.

Jeff's friend Steve came up from DC to meet us for dinner Saturday night, and after dinner we headed back to our house to enjoy some drinks and conversation.

At long last, my beautiful new lady. Yep, I've decided she's a girl...no name yet, you don't want to rush such important things. She's a 2012 Volkswagen Passat, and I love her very much. I think we'll be very happy together. It was pretty emotional watching the nice guy at the dealership drive off in my poor old Altima (who was a dude, in case you were wondering)...we've been through a lot! A lot of server car-naps were taken in that guy. But they'll fix him up nice and he'll be happy with whatever new adventure awaits him.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Mine was pretty great, albeit activity packed! My busy January continues tonight - we're meeting some good friends for dinner and a couple drinks, and I'm going to try to squeeze in doing my taxes beforehand (right nowish). So far my plan of fending off the winter blues by packing the month of January with activities has been working, and I'm finally going to get back to the gym starting tomorrow, so that should help too. Off to do those taxes - wish me luck!

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