Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quit harshing my mellow.

Let's talk about positivity, shall we?

Now, I am certainly not one to go after people about being negative. I am a pretty cynical person, and I most definitely wouldn't describe myself as "bubbly" or "inspiring". However, I see a TON of people around my age down in the dumps on a constant basis, and it's lame.

My life, relatively speaking, does NOT appear to be super ideal. I just turned 28, I literally have no career to speak of at the moment, and I don't really like my job. I live in a crappy apartment, I have very little savings, and my car has broken down at least 5 times in the past year. I'm not married, and I don't have kids (which could be seen as good OR bad, I guess). I live hours away from any and all family. Both of my grandparents died over the past couple of years, one in the past month. Despite all of this, I am EXTREMELY happy on a day-to-day basis. In fact, I told a friend this summer that every year, my life gets better and better. And I meant it.

If you are relatively healthy, and of sound mind and body, if your life is not continually improving regularly, you're doing something wrong. Or actually, you're probably not doing anything. At risk of stating the obvious, if there's something in your life that you don't like, CHANGE IT. Seriously. It's that easy. You have complete control over your life. Every day is a series of choices. Make the choices that will make you happy in the long-run.

Instead of sitting around feeling miserable, do something you like. You HAVE TO like something. If you don't, we have a whole 'nother issue. Do something that makes you happy, and really enjoy it. Don't just go through the motions, actually step back and recognize the happiness that you're feeling. Appreciate little things around you. Surround yourself with things that you like. If your house is a crazy mess and it's bumming you out, clean it. And then sit there and look around and enjoy how clean your house is. Does that sound stupid? Yup. Will it make you happier? Yup.

When you're legitimately upset, be upset. Cry. Recognize that there's an actual reason to be upset, and accept that it's alright to break down a little bit. Know that it will pass, and when it does, it'll be awesome. Don't fall apart when something inconsequential happens. Recognize actual problems from little bumps in the road.

Appreciate the good things in your life. Don't even think about letting yourself think that there's nothing good in your life. Someone is always worse off than you. Likely, MILLIONS of people are worse off, WAY worse off. Stop pouting, and change something. Feel sluggish and fat? Go for a run. Or a walk. Feel like a big jerk? Go do something nice for someone. Feel dumb? Read something informational. Watch a documentary. Take a class. Hate where you live? Move. Boyfriend's a jerk? Dump him. Change what you don't like. Seriously. It's not hard. I'm INCREDIBLY LAZY, and if I can do it, you can. I believe in you.