Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kindness, schmindness.

So with the holidays and other things happening, people have been talking a lot about spreading kindness, or specifically about accomplishing 20-some (I've seen some people say 22, some say 26, etc.) acts of kindness (NO MATTER HOW SMALL) before Christmas.

I think that this is complete and utter nonsense.

Allow me to explain myself. I'm not ridiculously jaded enough to NOT BELIEVE in spreading kindness, or to be annoyed by kindness in and of itself. I'm not a monster! Jeez. Relax. I just think that this specific movement is stupid, because if you really think about it, 20 some kind actions in just short of A WEEK is a VERY SMALL NUMBER.

Seriously, think about it. I'm not tying to come off as some kind of humanitarian altruist who does nothing with my life other than rescuing lost puppies and helping elderly ladies cross the street. I am by no means extraordinarily kind in any way. But if I were to count every single nice thing (remember, NO MATTER HOW SMALL) I did IN A WEEK, it would sure as hell be higher than 20. And if it weren't, I'd feel like a pretty big asshole.

You see someone walking in front of you drop their scarf and you pick it up. Act of kindness. You hold the door for someone at Wawa. Boom. Act of kindness. The person in front of you in line AT THAT SAME WAWA is short 30 cents from buying their Philly blunt, so you give them some spare change. Kind (...?). You let someone cut in front of you at a red light because they were in the wrong lane. You tell your co-worker that her hair looks fierce as shit. You remember your boyfriend was running low on toothpaste (because he refuses to just use your brand), so you pick some up for him on the way home. You listen to a friend who's having a shitty day vent, and make them laugh. Someone at your table at work left their takeout, so you run out to the parking lot to give it to them. You put some change in the charity thing because you're at Wawa AGAIN. I'm at 9, and all of this could theoretically happen in ONE day. Hell, it could happen in a few hours. See?

Don't be an asshole and only do nice things when tragedy hits or during the holidays. And also don't pat yourself on the back for doing something nice once in a while. Sheesh. YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!

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