Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day? More like Valentine's DON'T! (Ahem...)

This post will be about Valentine's Day (fair warning...I am NOT a fan).

I was never really one of those single girls who would get really bitter on Valentine's Day because I didn't have a date. In fact, when I was single, I kind of enjoyed Valentine's Day. My single gal pals and I would usually set up some big fancy schmancy night and have dinner and do girly things. It was pretty fun. This leads me to believe the following...

Valentine's Day was made for single girls!

I know that sounds silly. Especially when you consider how bent out of shape a lot of girls get when left date-less. But let's consider the facts:
  • When you're NOT in a serious relationship, Valentine's Day is BY FAR the worst day of the year to go on a date.  The restaurants are SUPER crowded, the food is more expensive, and there's all this pressure heaped on that just makes the whole night feel awkward. 
  • Your server DEFINITELY hates you on (and around) Valentine's day. You'd think that with restaurants being SUPER busy around the most romantic day of the year, that servers would be super pumped to be making so much money. You'd be wrong. Valentine's Day is the worst time of year for servers. Not only do you have to watch other people out enjoying themselves (which actually isn't that bad, because most people look like they'd rather be shot in the head than be there), but V-Day is what servers famously call "amateur hour". People who seemingly have never left their house before and don't know how to behave in restaurants crawl out of the woodwork. Teenagers. The TEENAGERS! Bad tippers. Applebee's frequenters (not that there's anything wrong with that!) at upscale restaurants. It's a nightmare.
  • All of the stupid decorations. Now, I'm a pretty feminine person. I'm not a SUPER giggly girly-girl, and I'm not a HUGE fan of the color pink in general, but my preferences are usually much more on the feminine side. But all the hearts, EVERYWHERE? It's dumb. I don't WANT to deck my house out with a million hearts. And GUYS definitely don't like all that nonsense. Not even GAY guys. It's tacky. 
  • Valentine's Day is actually kind of UN-romantic. I mean, think about it. What really gets the romantic flow going? Cherry tomatoes in salads painstakingly cut into little heart shapes? Horrible flowery greeting cards with twee quotes and nauseating poems? A SHIT TON of candy? Uh, no. Going to a restaurant packed like a can of sardines, and waiting 45 minutes for a table with no bar access to be found? Presents purchased at the grocery store? Underwear with hearts on it?? None of this stuff is remotely romantic, in my opinion. Add the unnecessary pressure, and you're got a stressful, cheesy night on your hands.

Now, as a single girl, Valentine's Day can be fun. Like I said, you can head out with your girlfriends, have some girly drinks, eat a bunch of chocolate, and act like idiots. It's a great time! I suggest instead of a "romantic" V-Day date with your s/o, have a co-ed V-Day party. That way, there's no pressure, no stupid wait times at restaurants, and everyone can just get drunk on pink drinks and eat a bunch of conversation hearts.

Jeff's birthday is February 15th. I use this as an excuse to nullify Valentine's Day. The fact that I'm a server makes it pretty much impossible to celebrate two separate times in the days surrounding Valentine's day weekend, and of course I consider his birthday to be more important than Valentine's day, so I just pretty much cancel it every year. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day makes his birthday more difficult to celebrate (with restaurant reservations and such), but it's not a huge deal. And it makes for better people watching. He still usually does something for me on the 14th (one year he sent flowers to me at work, so they were there before I got there...that was really sweet), but we don't usually have a big celebration. And I am A-OK with that.

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

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