Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Room Mood Board

Our guest room progress (cough, cough) is slooooowly moving along. As I briefly mentioned a while back, we finally brought primer with intentions to jump in and get this party going. The room DID get primed - Jeff surprised me one day and had it done when I got home from work. But then we ran into a road block - I lifted up the big, gross area rug that's been in there since we moved in to peek at the condition of the floors. Do you remember how I whined at length about the floors being painted white for some inexplicable reason? Well, imagine my shock when I lifted up that rug to see that ONLY THE OUTSIDE of the floor is painted white. As in, there is a white BORDER painted around the floor, and the rest is the original hardwood color. So now I'm left with a slew of unappealing options:
  1. I could carpet the room, which I don't really have the budget for and it seems like a big waste of money
  2. I could totally re-do the floor of just this room, which means it won't match the rest of the floors upstairs, which I was planning on eventually re-doing anyway
  3. I could re-do the floors of the entire upstairs. No, just kidding; that's DEFINITELY not in my budget.
  4. I could buy a big-ass area rug for the room (like, REALLY big, because it will have to cover up the entire unpainted space, which is all but about a 2 inch border), which will probably end up costing me almost as much as carpeting the room would, or
  5. I could just paint the rest of the floor white (or a different color), which might make me cry.
The only really realistic options at this point are 4 or 5 (or both...actually, if I do 5, definitely both), and I'm still undecided as to what I'm going to do. So I've just been pouting and putting off doing any further work, which means we now have a primed room with a big ugly puke green rug, no curtains, and a rainbow sherbet colored ceiling fan. Also, we finally put in our windows downstairs, so that project took precedence for the past several weeks. I'm going to eventually have to do SOMETHING, so I decided to make a mood board to give me a little inspiration.

I want our guest room to feel like a relaxing getaway, so I want to keep everything clean, simple, modern, and airy, while still being inviting and cozy to our guests.
  1. We've decided to paint the room Moonshine, which is the color that we've used in the majority of our home. We love that it's neutral, but looks different colors depending on the room/time of day - sometimes it has greenish undertones, sometimes it looks more blue. And we like that sticking with the same color throughout most of the house gives our home a nice, calming flow.
  2. I think that I'm going to ultimately go with a large jute rug in the room. It's a natural material and it goes with everything, so I could layer over it if I wanted, but it looks clean and modern by itself. It's also a relatively inexpensive material, which definitely helps since I need a pretty large rug.
  3. This bed is similar to the one I've been eyeing up for the room, Ikea's TRYSIL. I originally was planning on purchasing the more feminine white iron-framed LEIRVIK, but now I'd rather go with a more gender-neutral Mid Century vibe. I plan to stick with white linens, which always feel extra relaxing and luxurious.
  4. I'd love to add a deep indigo throw like this one to the end of the bed for a pop of color and extra warmth (and of course, a few throw pillows)
  5. I love West Elm's Mid-Century Nightstand for this room, but I might try to save a few bucks and add some uniqueness by thrifting one instead.
  6. I like the idea of a ceiling fan for a guest room so that whoever is staying in the room can have a little more control over the temperature of the room. This one is nice and modern, and is less hideous than a lot of other options.
  7. I like this sharp little modern lamp, but might switch out the shade for a white one to go better with the rest of the room.
  8. A couple of prints from Society 6 - I like the horse because he's kinda funny, but welcoming at the same time; and the other print is super chill and calming.
  9. A storage bench is always great for a guest room so that there's somewhere to dump one's luggage when they arrive.
  10. These curtains are gorgeous.
  11. I love the idea of leaving a filled water carafe with a built-in cup for guests - who doesn't get thirsty at night, and no one wants to wander around someone else's house after dark searching for glasses.
  12. I love the way this basket looks, and I think it's a great idea to have some towels/toiletries set right in the guest room so that they don't have to worry about asking for them. This is a great place to corral them.
I think I could probably use a couple of pops of color that aren't indigo so that the room doesn't look matchy, but this looks like a pretty good start to a killer room, if I do say so myself. Any suggestions for stuff I left out, or does anyone have anything in their guest room that they wouldn't be without?

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