Monday, November 3, 2014

Tales From the Weekend

How was your guys' Halloween?

Mine was great. In my usual need to be loved by all, I put together a phenomenal candy bowl brimming with full sized candy bars AND Reese's pumpkins (because we all know the holiday shape Reese's are the best Reese's) AND sour skittles, and then got drunk watching Jeopardy. We ended up getting ONE set of Trick-or-Treaters, two little boys who appeared to be about five or six and what I'm guessing was their older sister who said that there was an additional little girl sleeping in her stroller in the driveway. It was getting toward the end of the night, so I shouted, "Take as much as you want!" and cackled gleefully as the little boys each snagged about three big candy bars and handfuls of Reese's and Skittles. It was pretty great. I blame the fact that our driveway is pretty long, we're across the street from a school, and our "this house may be abandoned and is DEFINITELY actually haunted with real ghosts" curb appeal vibe on the lack of kiddos, but I'll continue to spend way too much money on candy in my desire to be the good house. JUST LOVE ME OKAY?

Saturday I hosted a get-together for the co-workers that started at the same time as me last year - it was our one year anniversary on October 28th. If you know me, you know I'll take any excuse to put together a cheese plate and get drunk in my own house surrounded by people who've come to ME. I also realize that this post makes me sound like a raging alcoholic (if you weren't already convinced by that Italian Festival post from two years or whatever ago), but I've actually gotten to the point where I get sufficiently buzzed off of two beers (two higher alcohol content craft beers, but still), which is awesome because cheap date! But, yeah. We may or may not have broken out the old flip-cup table. Who's turning 30 in a month? Psh.

I'm gonna go eat some of that leftover cheese. Hope you all had a great Halloweekend!

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