Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Food Lovers

When in doubt, gift food. Who doesn't love food? I love food. Here are some food gifts. Food.

Anything from Literally anything. Might I suggest this chocolate-covered deliciousness taster? - $70

Christmas Party in a Box. It's a box of salami. A box. Of salami. - $90

Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits. It's got all your bases covered: sharp, creamy, sweet, mild, nutty, crunchy (crackers). - $75

Harry and David's Royal Riviera Pears may be old-school, but they're famous for a reason. They're sweet, buttery, and so juicy you can literally eat them with a spoon. And they come individually wrapped in pretty gold foil, which makes them the perfect Christmas gift! - $29.99 

Jeni's ice cream comes in multitudes of gift packs, but you'll never strike out with this top sellers collection. - $48

Honey is good for so many different things, and really good quality honey isn't something that people tend to buy for themselves. - $29.95 for a two-jar gift set

Pair this awesome small batch tonic with a really great bottle of gin (this is a good one), and you've got a great update to a classic. Plus, the tonic is a concentrate, so they don't have to worry about it going flat after using it a couple times. - $16

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