Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I was planning on doing my weekend wrap-up post on Friday as usual, but Friday was my birthday and I felt like taking a nap, so I did that instead. Birthdays are awesome. I had a really wonderful weekend filled with the people I love and lots of festive fun, so 30's treating me pretty good so far. I think if the last couple years of my twenties are any indication, my 30's are going to be pretty hard to beat. Bring it on, I say. I'll post some pictures from my birthday weekend most likely tomorrow, but for now here's some stuff I've found around the interwebs this week...

  • This girl is my new personal hero.
  • This instructional post on how to pluralize your last name made me chuckle, and is so very true.
  • If you're looking for a quirky gift for Christmas, this site has some very strange, neat stuff. I ordered my brother a few things (I'll never tell what! At least until after Christmas.)
  • Emily Henderson used to have my exact rug in her own house!!! Total fangirl moment.
  • This packing tip is genius. I used it this weekend, and it worked like a charm.
  • This made me lol.
  • We happened to randomly end up here last night, and it was like a magical winter wonderland - with beer and spiked hot cider!! It was amazing, and there was no charge to get in. Highly recommended if you're in the Philly area. Pictures to follow.

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