Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Winter Essentials

I've noticed lately that when I come home from work, I put on the same outfit every day, snuggle under the same blanket, and slip into the same nightly routine. Something about familiarity makes the cold, dreary winter easier to bear, I think. Here are the essentials that have been getting me through 'til spring:

J. Crew Factory Shearling Slippers (no longer available)
They're super cozy, and the pop of red makes me happy.

I seriously wear this sweatshirt pretty much every night. The material is pretty heavy so it's nice and warm, and it looks pretty polished for a basic sweatshirt so I feel less frumpy in my nightly leggings/sweatshirt uniform.

Asos Wool Scarf (no longer available)
This scarf is big and as cozy as they come.

I've mentioned these before, and I stand by 'em: these are my favorite leggings, and I live in them at home.

(Oops, I think the link goes to the body cream, but I'm pretty sure it's the exact same thing in a bigger tube.) Winter does a number on my skin, especially my hands since I'm constantly typing and always forget to wear gloves. I keep this cream at my desk at work, and it keeps my digits silky smooth. Plus, it kind of smells like fruity pebbles. And it's Paraben and dye free!

Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues - Available literally anywhere.
I'm disgusting, and my nose is constantly drippy when it's cold out. I always have tissues on hand, and these are the bomb because they have menthol or something in them that's just a tiny bit cooling and keeps your nosy from getting all raw when you have the sniffles.

Not the exact one I have, but very similar. I can't imagine anything being cozier to snuggle up with on the couch while watching @Midnight (our new nightly ritual...except we're old and lame, so we TiVo it and watch it the next evening at an earlier time), except for perhaps a certain white fluffy dog I know.

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm
I subscribe to one of those monthly beauty sample boxes, and this came in my shipment last month. I like it because it keeps my lips soft and smooth without creating a gunky buildup, which most lip balms seem to do and it really bums me out. Softlips cherry will always be my #1, but if you're feeling a little fancier and are looking for a summery, tropical scent, this balm is pretty solid. 

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