Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend has arrived! I've been thinking it's one day ahead of what it's actually been all week, so this week felt l-o-o-o-o-n-g. Tonight we're going out for drinks with some of Jeff's old work friends - our next door neighbor (who also works with Jeff) offered to DD; what a treat! Tomorrow I'm going to try to drag Jeff to Ikea for some frames and maybe a couple of house plants, and then maybe we'll catch a movie after to make up for the Ikea torture. I don't know why he acts like he hates Ikea - when I first moved here, I had never even been to one, and he was obsessed. Now he acts as though I'm asking him to to carry me upstairs to bed because I'm too tired to walk (which is certainly not something I do, MOST DEFINITELY not every night). And on Sunday my friend Amber and her boyfriend Rob are having a Super Bowl party. I'm bringing these, and Jeff has elected to stay home to catch up on TiVo because he has an actual anxiety attack when it gets backed up. That guy. Have a stupendous weekend. Here are your links:

  • J. Crew is offering an extra 40% off of their final sale styles right now, with some already at 50% off! I'm eyeing up thisthese, and this.
  • I don't have a pressure cooker, but this looks good.
  • I already got my tax return and stashed it in savings, but I'm treating myself to a new pair of booties. Currently I'm torn between thesethese Sam Edelman classics (I think regardless of what I choose I'm going to go with black, but I also really like these in the saddle leather color), or these.
  • Oh, HELL yeah.

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