Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stopped Cold

It's COLD out, yo! That polar vortex nonsense appears to be rearing its ugly head again (that picture is actually from last winter, though...this year so far we're getting the cold, but have only had a teensy bit of snow. Phooey.) Even though I grew up in snow central USA, I am totally unable to deal with being cold. I completely shut down when it's cold...and I'm pretty much always cold, even when it's warm out. So you can imagine what a wuss I am when the wind chill drops into the single digits. I have a pretty extensive list of totally not ridiculous things I do to keep warm, including but not limited to: taking multiple scorching hot showers in one day, turning my oven to extremely hot temperatures and cracking the door and sitting in the kitchen (this is an actual thing I do, and I hope Jeff doesn't read this because he'll lose his will my mom, probably), standing over our heat vents like a damn cat, wearing a winter scarf in the house, eating hot soup when I'm not hungry just to warm up my belly, cooking something that involves a tedious amount of time standing over the stove, and turning the shower on as hot as it will go and letting it run while I'm in the bathroom so that it creates a sauna-like effect. Believe me, I'm a pro at finding ways to keep warm (most of which only moderately work). But I do also do more normal things, such as drinking red wine or having a cup of hot tea or cocoa. In the spirit of keeping toasty, I thought I'd share a tasty warm drink recipe Jeff and I have become addicted to ever since ordering it after dinner one night:

Flannel Pajama Coffee

Mix your favorite coffee (I actually prefer this with hot cocoa - who'da thunk it?) with a generous shot of butterscotch schnapps and a shot of Godiva chocolate liquor (we've been using dark chocolate, but I think the white chocolate would be even yummier). Top with a pile of whipped cream. Drink up and feel instantly warmer, or at least happier. 

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