Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

What a good week. I'm loving my new position at work, I feel like I got stuff done (though I'm not sure why; I didn't really do anything important), and I got to meet some good friends for Meatballs and Martinis - pretty much the greatest thing ever to exist.

Meatballs and Martinis is a happy hour at a local pizza restaurant featuring $5 martinis and - you guessed it - meatballs. Actually, for somewhere around two hours, they bring around free food to everyone at the bar every 20 minutes! How awesome is that? And it's different food each time - they always start with one of their house made meatballs topped with a dollop of ricotta, and the rest of the food varies. Think slices of their pretty solid charred pizza, caprese salad, roasted chicken wings with caramelized onions, and eggplant rollatini. It's just meant to be small bites, but so much food comes out that you're stuffed when you leave and there's no need for dinner. It's the best.

 Anyway. We're finally taking down our holiday stuff this weekend, and even though I'll be sad to see the last physical evidence of the holidays gone, I think it'll feel good to get it done. If you're bored over the weekend, here's some stuff I've gathered over the past couple weeks that I've enjoyed:

  • This article made me laugh out loud.
  • How to make a big, waffle-shaped mozzarella stick. Not kidding.
  • This eyeglass shop not only allows you to upload a photo of yourself to try on glasses, but the image you take is three dimensional and turns left and right. It's pretty darn cool, and very useful. They also have you take a style test so they can recommend the best frames for both your style and face shape.
  • Now that Serial is over, I'm officially addicted to The Serial Serial. Yep, the AV Club made a podcast about a podcast, and I'm into it. 
  • On a related note, if you've been following the whole Serial saga, The Intercept did a three-part interview with Jay. They also interviewed the prosecutor of the case, Kevin Urick (fun fact: He lives and runs his practice about 20 minutes away from me, apparently). 
  • Apparently there's a thing of where people are calling sandwiches "homemade Subway" now. What?!
  • This also made me LOL.
  • Interesting article about how divorce rates have actually been dropping for quite some time now, even though the public perception is that they continue to go up. Something refreshing to think about.
  • This is literally just a 15+ minute video of Stephen Colbert breaking character, and it was one of the most delightful things I saw in 2014.

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