Saturday, August 11, 2012

Excercise is weird, man.

On the drive home from work, I pass this park. It's pretty nice, it has running trails and a bark park, and borders this...pond? Some kind of body of water. So I'm driving past it, and I start thinking about how I should mix up my running routine and maybe start running there, since I'm getting bored running in circles around my neighborhood. So naturally I start picturing myself running up hills through the woods, and it occurs to me.

Excercise is weird.

That sounds dumb. I know. But think about it. The idea of excercising, in the grand scheme of things, is kind of bizarre. We shouldn't have to run full speed up hills to nowhere, being chased by no one, to maintain optimal appearance and performance. Clearly we're not doing whatever it is we were made to do. That'd be like having to take your car out every day and speed down a road, possibly dragging something weighty, to maintain its engine.

Uh, so. That's my deep thought for the day. If I thought people were actually reading this, I'd apologize for the three minutes you'll never get back. But, since I'm fairly confident that no one is, I'll just trail off awkwardly. So...later...

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