Thursday, August 9, 2012

This is not about anything.

Some thoughts for the day (musings, if you will):

Will I go blind or some variation thereof (eyes falling out, etc) if I wear my contacts literally from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed every single day? I'm talking during naps, in the shower, in the pool, while drunk, while cutting onions...every minute. My optometrist recommended taking them out after work daily and wearing glasses to "let my eyes breathe", and also giving my eyes "a day off" frequently. I don't do this. I REALLY hate wearing my glasses. It's not an aesthetic thing, it's a comfort thing. I don't like it. They make the bridge of my nose sweat, and they make it difficult to lay down. I REALLY like to lay down. And I like being able to see things while laying down. Like, say, my TV. So. Oh, and also, I only switch out my contacts for new ones every three to six months. I'm supposed to do that every single month. I have not noticed any ill effect. I'm really just waiting to go totally blind one day out of the blue.

I love Adam Scott. No. I'm IN love with Adam Scott. Not, "I enjoy his work", or "I like the movies/shows he's in", or "I think he's cute". No. I'm in love with him. There's nothing that makes him INCREDIBLY appealing to me as an actor, though I do enjoy his acting offerings. He is everything that I look for in a man. Pretty boring looking, dark hair, skinny, dresses pretty boring, reminiscent of a hipster without actually being one. I have a very distinct aesthetic (that's today's word) taste in men, and it consists of a very specific type of blandness. I don't like my men to be super hot. Unless their name rhymes with myan schmosling. I am seriously way way way more attracted to boring looking dudes. So he's got that going for him. And then there's his personality. His sense of humor is as dry as it can get without being non-existent. He's sarcastic. He's boring and polite enough to appeal to the 85+ crowd. He seems quite intelligent, and a little pretentious, but not really outwardly so. He's nerdy, and his character on Parks and Rec loves superheroes and shit, so I just assume he does in real life as well. I'm into that. I assume his taste of music is something like "indie rock mixed with random obscure hardcore", which is my ideal "guy music type". He's the type of guy who, if I were to know him in real life, the majority of my girl friends would say "Really?? Ugh Jessi, your taste in guys is SO WEIRD.", which is generally what I aim for. Guys, I've clearly put a lot of thought into this. He's THE ONE.

Sidenote: There is apparently also an Adam Scott who is a golfer. That is not who I am talking about; however, it IS the guy who has a supermodel girlfriend, who I previously thought was the girlfriend of MY Adam Scott. Upon further investigation, I found that MY Adam Scott is actually married. So. There's that. It's okay, Hollywood marriages don't last. He'll be mine.

I'm not good at posting pictures on this here little blog. I don't really know how to do it other than in the most simplistic manner, and don't know how to change the size, or the placement, really, of my pictures. This could be alleviated with the smallest amount of research, of which I am not going to do.

I've been wearing a lot of dresses lately. A reasonable assumption would be that I'm doing so to appear nice, or possibly more feminine. Or that I'm trying to get noticed. Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE attention. And I like to look pretty. However, the reason that I've been wearing dresses is because I am SO INCREDIBLY LAZY that it's almost unbelievable. The long and short of it is that a dress is ONE article of clothing that you slip over your head, and THEN YOU'RE DONE. No figuring out outfits, no putting on pants, no layering, no NOTHING. AND they keep you cool. AND I may have run out of every single reasonably clean article of casual summer clothing that I own for a period of  time. I might even wear THE SAME maxi dress I wore yesterday simply to get my eyebrows done today, even though I actually did laundry yesterday, just because it's sitting on top of my laundry basket.

Spotify has this feature that enables you to play a streaming radio station based on playlists that YOU'VE created. When I found this out, I was VERY jazzed...what a perfect way to find new music based on MY music taste from a SPECIFIC subset of songs and artists that I'VE created! I decided today, however, that I'd generally just rather listen to the damn playlist that I've so painstakingly created in the first place. Most of the songs that they play on the station that aren't already on my playlist are just rejects from my playlist that I didn't want to hear in the first place, and since I spend HOURS and HOURS tooling through the vast Spotify universe, I rarely find music that I wasn't aware of in the first place. So. Don't call me a control freak.

I'm tired of writing things that no one is ever going to read for the time being. Goodbye!

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