Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh, hello!

Oh, hey. I'm still alive. So, that's a thing...

I haven't been posting lately because, well, I've been happy. And when I'm happy, I get less snarky. Sometimes. And when I'm less snarky, I'm less entertaining. No use writing boring bloggies.

I've been considering changing this little bloggerino up to be sleeker, prettier, and more visually appealing. As you may know, I bake...A LOT. However, I'm not interested in making this a baking blog. Nor do I have professional camera equipment to photograph my baking projects, so the pictures I take of what I bake are usually with my phone, and look junky. I'm also starting to get into crafting and DIY projects (I know, I know), and will DEFINITELY be way more into those sorts of things once we buy a house. So I was thinking about incorporating my baking and maybe eventually my DIY stuff (we'll see how that goes) into my blogging, but I'll need to upgrade my photography equipment. I'd also like to find a real layout for this guy, so that it doesn't look like a LiveJournal that a high schooler made. What do you think? I know there are a million crafty, bake-y, fashion-y blogs out there, but I think they're great, and I have no intention of dropping my mean spirited rants. Just thinking about shakin' it up.

Anyway. I'm back. Maybe I'll just make another separate blog for my more house-wifey things. We'll see.

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