Monday, November 24, 2014

Do You Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

When I was little, my Gramma would always have the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (which my family just called 'The Macy's Day Parade' - did everyone else do that, too?) on in the background, but I don't think we ever really paid that much attention to it. As an adult, I hadn't watched it in years, until last year. Of course, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get my turkey roasting, so I put the parade on and it was the nicest morning, drinking coffee, puttering around, and watching the parade before anyone else arrived or woke up. I'm excited to watch it again this year.

On a related note, what about football? Regardless of who I've celebrated Thanksgiving with, it's never felt very hardcore in my family. I know when I was young, my grandfather and dad and my uncles would definitely watch, but it always felt more like background noise, and we definitely didn't have it on during dinner. Luckily, you can't even see my TV from my dining room, but I would definitely never allow football watching during dinner at my house. It would drive me nuts. I know that it's a big part of a lot of families' tradition, though. 

And now THAT got me thinking - what time do you guys eat on holidays? We've always been early dinner people - like, the time we eat dinner on holidays is around the time you'd normally eat lunch. Both my family and Jeff's family are that way. Why is this? It would feel weird to eat later, I think, but I've been thinking about that this year - why do holidays call to eat dinner at 1 PM? It doesn't really make sense. I don't think I'd mind pushing it back to 4:00 or so. This is very important, I need to know everyone's opinion! Ha, I'm so nosy. 

Today's pie crust day. Surprisingly, given my history, I've never attempted my own crust. I always used the excuse that my kitchen was too small, and last year I used the excuse that it was my first Thanksgiving and I'd be stressed enough without having to worry about crust making. This year, I have no excuses. I'm doing it myself. Wish me luck!

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