Monday, December 15, 2014

Pictures from the Weekend

Here are some pictures I snapped on my phone over the weekend...

I woke up to this adorable little setup the morning of my birthday. Our small kitchen glasses have been breaking in our dishwasher, so Jeff went to great lengths to find the exact same glasses we had purchased years ago. The 7up is to feed our Christmas tree!

Dinner and drinks on my birthday with a couple of my favorite ladies.

Our mini-trip to Philadelphia started with a stroll through Old City and a coffee break to kill time before dinner.

I always know I'm lucky to have scored such a great fella to share my life with, but lately there's just something about this guy that's made me feel like I lucked out extra hard. He made sure that my 30th birthday weekend was one for the books.

We went to Zahav for my birthday - it's an Israeli restaurant with a Tapas-style small plate setup, and the entire meal was amazing, but I felt self conscious taking pictures of the food. The only one I snapped was of dessert - I felt like it was more acceptable because of the candle? Anyway, Brown butter ice cream = holy crap.

The Lodge at Winterfest - a big heated tent that looks like Pinterest threw up all over it (in a good way, though!) with big leather couches and bar stations with seasonal beer and spiked hot cider. This place was pretty magical, and I'd like to live here.

Winterfest is located at Penn's Landing in Philly, which is right on the waterfront, and they have a big ice rink set up right on the edge of the river, Rockefeller Center style. Even though it was after 10 PM, there were tons of families with children around and everyone was extremely happy and friendly. If you're in the area, I highly recommend stopping by, especially if you have children.

The porch of the Lodge, with rocking chairs and big cozy flannel blankets

Jeff and I were awkwardly trying to take a picture of ourselves in front of this tree, and this guy came up to us and told us his girlfriend had noticed us struggling and sent him over to help. Ha! Thanks, guy!

On our stroll back to the was miraculously not so freezing that I wanted to curl into a ball and cry, which is rare. 

We ended the weekend with a quick trip to Reading Terminal Market Sunday morning to do some browsing. My mom had seen Dinic's famous roast pork sandwiches on some show and hasn't stopped talking about it since, so she would have killed me if I didn't stop. The sacrifices we make for family, right?! (We may or may not have also stopped for coffee and fresh beignets at a cajun restaurant.)

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