Sunday, January 11, 2015

Target Haul

Decorations are officially down and the house is back to normal, other than the dining room table (I liked the centerpiece that I put together for Christmas and I think it looks more "wintery" than "Christmassy", so I just tweaked it a bit) and some lights I left up in the kitchen (there are a couple of dark corners that I didn't realize needed help until I put Christmas lights up, so I'm leaving them there until I come up with a more permanent solution...or until the lights burn out). Even though getting everything cleaned up and put away feels like a weight off my shoulders, I like to refresh our decor a bit at the start of a new season. Enter my most recent Target trip.

I do a lot of my more basic grocery shopping at Target, because if I use my card I get 5% off each time I shop (which works as long as I pay off my bill each month, ha), plus I can save even more using my cartwheel app without having to use coupons (which make me feel like a tool...which is dumb, I know). Plus, the Target I go to is in the same shopping center as Trader Joe's, which is generally where I do my more specific/specialty grocery shopping. Anyway, every time I go to do my grocery shopping, I normally do a quick scan of their home goods. I know that a lot of people see this as their downfall and end up with a bunch of crap they don't need/didn't intend to buy, but I see it as quite the opposite. Target is continually getting in new home stuff, which means they're constantly putting stuff on clearance. I'm completely addicted to their Nate Berkus line, and a lot of their Room Essentials line has a lot of modern looking basics at stupid low prices. And a lot of the time when they put stuff on clearance, the price drops by as much as 70%. So stuff that was already inexpensive costs next to nothing, and since we're still relatively new homeowners, I'm constantly looking for stuff to fill empty spaces in our house. SO! I'm practically MAKING money.

Their clearance selection is kinda hit or miss, but this week it was definitely a huge hit. I ended up getting a Nate Berkus pillow that I've had my eye on for months (I couldn't find it on their website, but I'm thinking about going back and snatching up this one too) as well as the little geometric picture frame and the glass/gold accented candle holder. I was thisclose to buying this lamp, but I don't really have anywhere to put a single table lamp right now, so I left without it. I almost put back the little hex vase, but it was under 3 bucks and I always wish I had more little stuff to add to shelves and bookcases, so into my cart it went. And I was eyeing up those white and gold candlesticks all Christmas season, so I had to snag them. After buying all this stuff, plus my normal groceries and some stuff for my new desk at work, my total bill was under a hundred bucks. I normally spend right around $100 for just groceries for the week, so I was pretty satisfied with my trip.

The house is officially back in working order, but there are a few things that are driving me totally bonkers - we have a floor lamp in our foyer that we brought from our apartment that clashes with the style of everything else in the house that I'm dying to get rid of, but I need another floor lamp first because otherwise the corner it's in (which is where we put our Christmas tree) is too dark, especially after having the brightly lit tree there for the past month. The whole area looks too stark and random for my liking, and I want to get a new jute rug for the room. And then the shelf above the TV in the living room is the bane of my entire existence, and I need to start nagging Jeff to wall mount the TV so we can get rid of it without having a huge blank space on the wall. The shelf itself doesn't go with the rest of our house (it's a very contemporary looking floating shelf from Pottery Barn that was left here by the previous owners, and it's off white which clashes with our white trim), and it's hung way too high and just looks super awkward, no matter how I arrange things on it. We've had a wall mount for our TV since the first week we've moved in that's been leaning against a wall in our foyer, so it's time to put it up. I also have a bunch of frames that I've thrifted over the course of several months that I need to spray paint white, so I can finally get a couple of gallery walls up. So, lots of (little) things to do in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for some much needed progress.

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